Discovery Semiconductors manufactures photodetectors and balanced photoreceivers for 10 Gb, 40 Gb, and 100 Gb applications.

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Configurable Lab Buddy
Configurable Lab Buddy
A Versatile and Multi-Functional Instrument
10G Receivers
InGaAs PIN Diodes
DSC100/100S: InGaAs Photodiodes: 6 GHz, Highly Linear, Optical Power Handling
DSC 30S, 40S, 50S: InGaAs PIN Photodiodes to 20 GHz with High Optical Power Handling
(PIN or APD) + TIA Optical Receivers
DSC-R402PIN: 10 GHz Linear InGaAs PIN+TIA Optical Receiver with Optional CDR
DSC-R402APD: 10G Linear InGaAs APD Optical Receiver with Optional CDR
DSC-R401HG: 20 GHz Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver
Balanced PIN Photodiodes
DSC710 & DSC720: Balanced InGaAs Photodiodes to 20 GHz
DSC705: High Power Balanced Photodiodes to 5 GHz Bandwidth
(PIN or APD) + TIA + LIM Digital Optical Receivers
DSC-R603: 10 Gb/s High-Sensitivity Limiting PIN-TIA Optical Receiver
DSC-R604APD: 10 Gb/s High-Sensitivity High-Gain Limiting APD Optical Receiver
Balanced PIN + (TIA or LNA) Optical Receivers
DSC-R405 & R405ER: 20 GHz Linear Balanced Photoreceivers with Optional CDR
25G & 50G Datacom Receivers
(PIN) + TIA Optical Receivers
DSC-R418: Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver with Adjustable Gain up to 28 Gbaud
DSC-R421: Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver Lab Buddy with Automatic Gain Control up to 56 Gbaud
40G Receivers
InGaAs PIN Diodes
DSC 10H & 20H: High Optical Power Handling InGaAs Photodiodes to 50 GHz
DSC10ER: Ultra-fast InGaAs PIN Photodiodes to 60 GHz
(PIN) + TIA Optical Receivers
DSC-R411: 25G/40G Limiting InGaAs Optical Receiver 850nm-1550nm with CDR
Balanced PIN Photodiodes
DSC730 and DSC740: Balanced InGaAs Photodiodes for 40 Gb
Balanced PIN Photoreceivers
DSC-R410: 40G DPSK DQPSK Balanced Optical Receivers
HLPD® Photodiodes
DSC-xHLPD: Thermo-Electrically Cooled Extra Highly Linear Photodiode (xHLPD)
HLPD® Lab Buddy
Highly Linear InGaAs Photodiode (HLPD®) Lab Buddy to 22 GHz
Coherent Receivers
AGC Balanced PIN + TIA Optical Receiver
DSC-R412: Linear AGC Balanced Receiver for 40G/100G Coherent Communications
DSC-R422: 33 GHz Linear AGC Balanced Optical Receiver
Coherent Receiver Lab Buddy
DSC-R413: DP-QPSK 100 Gb/400 Gb Coherent Optical Receiver Lab Buddy
2 Micron Receivers
2.2 um High Optical Power Handling Photodiodes
DSC2-100/100S: High Optical Power, Highly Linear 2.2 Micron InGaAs Photodiodes
DSC2-30S/40S/50S: High Speed Uncooled 2.2 micron SWIR InGaAs Photodiodes to 20 GHz
2.2 um InGaAs Optical Receivers
DSC-R202: 2 Micron SWIR InGaAs Optical Receiver to 6 GHz
DSC-R205M: 2 Micron SWIR InGaAs Balanced Photoreceiver with 150 MHz Bandwidth
DSC-R212: 2.2 Micron SWIR InGaAs Linear AGC Balanced Optical Receiver to 18 GHz
Narrowband Receivers
PIN + LNA Narrowband Optical Receivers
DSC-R406, 407, 408: InGaAs Narrowband Receivers for 60 GHz cellular, Ka Q U V bands

RF Amplifiers
Wideband RF Amplifiers
DSC-R414: Wideband RF Amplifier from 30 kHz to 45 GHz
DSC-R415: Wideband Linear Differential Amplifier from 30 kHz to 20 GHz with Adjustable Gain
DSC-R416: Wideband Limiting Differential Amplifier from 30 kHz to 20 GHz
DSC-R417: Q/V Band Amplifier from 35 GHz to 70 GHz
Lab Buddy
Lab Buddy
Lab Buddy: The most versatile O/E Converter Instrument for Discovery's Family of Photodiodes and Photoreceivers
10G & 25G CDR
DSC-10G-CDR - 10G Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) Lab Buddy
DSC-25G-CDR - 25G Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) Lab Buddy
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